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The Houston guy's guide to picking a perfect Rodeo outfit

The Houston guy's guide to picking a perfect Rodeo outfit

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo RodeoHouston entertainers January 2015 Tim McGraw
Tim McGraw rocks a sleek Rodeo look. Photo courtesy of Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

While you might not be a cowboy, you certainly want to dress like one for RodeoHouston.

Guys, here's what you need to know to buck up and hop on the Rodeo bandwagon.

Boot Barn manager Karen Bearden says she's seen lots of male shoppers this week. "It's a lot of shock," Bearden says of her male shoppers. "They see rows full of boots and say, 'What do I wear?'"

When it comes to picking an outfit, Bearden recommends starting with the boots and working upward. Most men choose a square-toe boot and a walking heel.

"It is a lower heel, so it is more comfortable and more standard for guys," says Bearden.

Video: boots and jeans
A comfortable denim option is a cowboy cut jean; see more in this video:

"A cowboy cut means that they are cut in a straight leg, but they are big enough in the calf area so you can wear a boot under the jean," says Bearden.

"During rodeo, it's a good time to make a statement with your shirt, so get a shirt with a nice bold print that stands out," she recommends.

Shirts and hat: find your look
When it comes to the size of the hat, if you tap it and it falls off, it's too big.

You can still wear a rodeo look and blend into the crowd. A solid or mildly printed western shirt with relaxed-cut denim is a good way to do that.

"That's going to be our younger customer. They're going to wear a more relaxed cut jean. You're talking guys 30-plus, they usually like a slimmer fit in the hips and waist," Bearden explains.

When you plan your Rodeo look, don't forget about the weather.

"As we're hitting the warmer times of the day, it's nice to have a short sleeve button down shirt," says Bearden.

If you're a tried and true Rodeo lover, go for the slim-cut jeans, and finish the look off with a bolo tie.

"You can wear it with any outfit," adds Bearden.


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