Where are you Julia Roberts?

Tron Legacy shows that video game movies have gone too far

Tron Legacy shows that video game movies have gone too far

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Is Julia Roberts in this flick? No thanks Tron.

I love me some Jeff Bridges, I really do, but I couldn't be any more sick of these video game-inspired flicks and/or reboots, and the combination of the two requires an automatic veto.

Sure, it has something to do with my preference of genre (I see dance movies, romantic comedies, movies based off of books I like and pretty much anything Pixar) but my aversion to Tron: Legacy has more to do with my age.

It's not that I feel I've outgrown science fiction, it's that all this 3D Imax HD Blu-Ray business is getting hard to look at it! It hurts my face, literally. I realize I might be the only person on the planet (and I'm certainly the only person in my household) who misses the days before high-def, but I don't really want to see the crows feet on my favorite actors' faces. And when it comes to 3D, though I think it's cool and all, I feel sort of uncomfortable operating my motor vehicle afterwards.

And if the previews for Tron are any indication, I'd be seeing spots for weeks. SO much three-dimensional neon!

Another movie opened this weekend, however, to considerably lower box office turnout, that I'm dying to see. How Do You Know stars four of my most favorite actors of all time — Reese Witherspoon, whose Mommy Blog, if she had one, I would actually read (a compliment only also true of one Jenny Lawson); Paul Rudd, who is as adorable and and witty and lovably sad-sack as my other consummate leading man, John Cusack; the always-endearing Owen Wilson; and Jack Nicholson, whom I would still ravish, no questions asked.

Yet no one went to see it. (And if the critics are to be believed, they shouldn't have bothered.)

It's yet another case of whatever happened to the romantic comedy? Have we lost interest in answering the sorts of questions that life might actually present you, like how you know whether you're in the right relationship? Maybe we just want answers to how one might escape abduction by a video game, or the more short-term solution of how to best kill a few hours with pure, superficial stimulation.

What do you think? What sort of films will you be seeing with family over the holiday weekend?