is that you, lady B?

Heads up, Beyhive! Beyoncé has a twin.

Heads up, Beyhive! Beyoncé has a twin.

Beyonce and twins
Friendly reminder: that lady you just saw at Whole Foods might not be Mrs. Carter. Courtesy photo

A woman making waves on Instagram has Beyoncé fans doing a double take.

Brittany Williams is going viral as @sur_b with many fans actually mistaking her for Houston's own pop icon. Some commenters thought they had stumbled onto a fan page, and it's easy to see why. To Williams herself, however, it's less obvious.

"Sometimes I see the resemblance, not all the time," she said. "A fan helped me to see the similarities."

While some think Williams more closely resembles Bey's younger sister Solange, there's no doubt she captures the pop star's essence.


Her brush with fame goes back to her high school days.

"I received the comparison within my teen years," Williams said. "I went from looking like Janet Jackson from the Good Times -- I was a chubby girl -- to being compared to Beyoncé  as a teen."

Don't expect to bump into Williams at the Galleria. She calls Detroit home.

But you might find yourself next to Houston's Jennifer Lopez doppelganger. Jay Garay has racked up more than 156,000 followers on Instagram, turning heads as the Bayou City version of Jenny from the Block.

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