qfest goes virtual

Edgy LGBTQ film festival shoots for virtual experience in Houston

Edgy LGBTQ film festival shoots for virtual experience in Houston

Why Can't I Be Me? Around You QFest Houston
QFest showcases films such as the gripping Why Can't I Be Me? Photo courtesy of QFest

For 23 years, Houston’s popular QFest has showcased iconic, trailblazing LGBTQ films and even peculiar, tawdry cult classics. But for its 24th year, like so many other in-person events, the festival is moving to screens for a virtual experience.

QFest 2020 announced on August 19 that it will run virtually Thursday, September 10 through Monday September 14. The event will  be hosted by Cinenso and be available to online pass holders in Houston and across North America, EU countries, and Australia.

“In this time of COVID and with political and economic uncertainty, we’re excited to partner with Cinenso to give us a rare opportunity to showcase QFest and Houston to an international audience,” said Kristian Salinas, executive and artistic director, in a statement.

Not surprisingly, the festival lineup has yet to be announced. Organizers note that the complete lineup, as well as QFest Festival Pass information, will be available online on September 1.

The annual festival presents programs by, about, and of interest to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer community. QFest is a sponsored project of Aurora Picture Show, a 501c3 presenting artist-made, non-commercial film and video, and dedicated to expanding the cinematic experience and promoting the understanding and appreciation of the moving image.

Houston Arts Alliance and City of Houston partially fund the event, along with assistance by The John Steven Kellett Foundation.