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Houstonians can safely sip at this rad and refreshing 'mocktail-hour'

Houstonians can safely sip at this refreshing 'mocktail-hour'

Bayou Bend Collection Jazz Juleps
The new "mocktail-hour" happens every Saturday in August.  Photo courtesy of MFAH/Bayou Bend

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Axelrad Beer Garden, and Decatur Bar & Pop­-Up Factory are teaming up for a recurring shindig for those who want to get together and cool down during these summer days — but still want to safely drive home when it's all done.

Rad on the Bend is a weekly "mocktail-hour" gathering that will happen every Saturday in August at MFAH's Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens. The museum approached Axelrad and Decatur — both owned by real-estate developer and Hurricane Harvey hero Adam Brackman — to provide some refreshments for this happening.

Luckily, some of their mixologists have been experimenting with more non-alcoholic fare that they were looking to debut sometime in September at Axelrad and Decatur. "This was a great opportunity to test some of them out, and have a presence at these events, throughout the month of August, at the Museum of Fine Arts," says Axelrad publicist Jonathan Beitler.

Among the mocktails available for purchase:

• Jalapeño Watermelon Aguas Fresca
• Ginger Honey Lemonade
• Aguas Frescas
• Cucumber Mint Spritzer

"We have noticed there's been a trend in the industry and in the marketplace for people who are interested in having the social aspects of being at a bar, but, yet, maybe they don't drink, or maybe they don't want to drink," says Beitler.

"But, yet, they want to hang out with their friends or just be in a social atmosphere. And, so we've taken those kinds of requests — a lot of times, we've been getting requests at both places for mocktails and virgin cocktails and stuff like that. So, we developed a few mocktails that will be on the menu for that very reason. We want to be an all-inclusive environment and not have patrons who don't feel like drinking or who don't drink feel excluded."

Along with drinks, there will also be sunset-inspired popsicles created by Popston, as well as weekly, live musical performances from different artists. (Arthur Yoria, Sara Van Buskirk, Tom and Haley Lynch, and Dollie Barnes are scheduled to perform.) All guests receive extra discount offers, such as $5 off tickets to the William Forsythe: Choreographic Objects exhibition. 


Rad on the Bend serves up the fun on Saturdays in August at Bayou Bend Collections and Gardens, 6003 Memorial Dr. 4-7 pm; admission is $10. For tickets and more information, visit the official site