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Solange dances on the dryer, praises Houston hangout, plans a big move

Solange dances on the dryer, praises Houston hangout, plans a big move

Beyonce's not the only Knowles garnering news attention. Kid sis Solange is pretty busy, too.

The singer spent Monday night at a Brooklyn laundromat, where she belted out several hits, including "Losing You," "Lovers in the Parking Lot," "Bad Girls" and even a snippet of a cover of Nivea's "Laundromat," while dancing on a dryer. It was part of a quirky Vitaminwater promotion with music news website The Fader "dedicated to making boring Mondays more brilliant" with mini-concerts in unconventional New York locations like an auto body shop and bank.

Her appearance comes with the news that she is planning a move to New Orleans. Solange told The Fader she plans to divide her time between the Crescent City and her current home in Brooklyn. "New Orleans is such a magical city and I’m really excited to explore all of the creative and cultural aspects that it has to offer. It’s going to be nice, but I’m for sure still going to be a Brooklyn girl," she said.

Solange, who grew up in Houston and lived for a while in a cool renovated Montrose loftspace, also told The Fader about her  music video for “Lovers In The Parking Lot" in the Bayou City.

I shot it in Houston, which is incredibly exciting, at a place called King’s Flea Market, which is basically my hometown hangout, where we’d go on the weekends. Flea market culture in Houston is like swap meet culture in LA. It’s where you’d get your white tees in bulk, your stereo system, your bang in your trunk, your grills. Although I was never interested in that, I did get my nameplate necklace and my ex-husband’s nameplate chain there."

How does the Brooklyn Flea stand up to the Houston Flea?

I like the Brooklyn Flea, but it’s overpriced! It depends on what you’re going for. I’ve always gone to look for more housewares stuff, but it gets up there. I think it’s fun and that the energy is great. Even if you’re not wanting to buy anything, it’s just a fun weekend hang."

The Times Picayune reports that the singer recently canceled a string of European tour dates scheduled for early August and has made an application to an Orleans Parish school for her 8-year-old son.

Solange Knowles performs on dryer at vitaminwater and THE FADER uncapped in Brooklyn laundry mat
Solange's most recent performance was in a Brooklyn laundromat. Courtesy photo