6 best movies, podcasts, and TV shows to stream in Houston this weekend

6 movies, podcasts, and TV shows to stream in Houston this weekend

Room 104 HBO
Check into Room 104 on HBO. Photo courtesy of HBO

This weekend makes one seriously reconsider going outside. It's hot. Plus, there's a potential tropical storm popping off. And, of course, there is that whole you-could-get-sick-from-a-virus-that-still-has-no-vaccine thing. (And let's not forget about all those who go to places not wearing a mask and actually get mad when employees kick them out).

Why not stay in, and catch the latest in podcasts, movies, and TV shows? This week, look for a hotel room thriller, a radioactive heroine, and an exotic return of a reality TV star. 


Radioactive (Prime Video)
Marjane Satrapi, the illustrator who adapted her autobiographical graphic novel Persepolis to the big screen, goes the live-action route in this biographical drama (which is actually based on a graphic novel she didn't write). Rosamund Pike assumes the role of Marie Curie, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist and chemist who was a trailblazer when it came to pioneering research on radioactivity. Anya Taylor-Joy (Emma.) co-stars as Curie's daughter. (Premiering on Friday)

The Rental (IFC)
Dave Franco, the adorable little brother of James Franco, has co-written and directed a new thriller that you can see at home or at a couple of theaters around here. This one is about a foursome of people (including Alison Brie, Franco's wife) who go on a weekend vacation at a cliffside rental property and find themselves being stalked by a hammer-wielding madman. The crazy part is that, even before the killer wreaks havoc, these folks are already paranoid and suspicious of one another. (Available to rent)


Full Release with Samantha Bee (Earwolf)
Fans of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, the weekly news-satire show hosted by the former Daily Show correspondent, might want to check out this new podcast. Instead of slamming the politicians, pundits and other newsmakers she does exceptionally on her show, Bee has unscripted conversations with the best and the brightest —mostly about this messed-up year is and how things could hopefully get better. So far, she's already hollered at TV journalist Soledad O'Brien and author Jelani Cobb. 

SmartLess (self-distributed)
One of the crazy things about this pandemic is that it has gotten bored celebrities to come together and bond through podcasting. Like, did you ever think Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes would get together for a show? Well, they have with this newly launched program, where each episode begins with one of the hosts revealing his mystery guest to the other two and the audience. Will Ferrell, Melissa McCarthy, Julia-Louis Dreyfus and Neil DeGrasse Tyson are just a few of the surprise guests.


Room 104 (HBO)
The fourth and final season of the anthology series from indie filmmakers/actors Jay and Mark Duplass, where people land in the same motel room and get the freakiest experience of their lives, premieres this weekend. Dave Bautista, Linda Lavin, Ron Funches, Kevin Nealon, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Melissa Fumero are just a few of the guest stars who check in. Do they check out? Well, you're just gonna have to tune in and see. (Premieres on Friday at 10 pm).

Surviving Joe Exotic (Animal Planet)
For those who still can't get enough of hearing about Joe Exotic, that publicity-craving zoo operator who landed in jail for animal abuse and attempting to kill a rival tiger enthusiast (and whose life was laid out in the successful Netflix docuseries Tiger King), Animal Planet has a special treat for you. The channel has footage of their own of Exotic, capturing him at his firearm-blasting nuttiest. You also get to meet the poor animals that thankfully got out of that mess. (Premieres on Saturday at 9 pm