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Houston Independent Bookstore Closing

An independent bookstore is set to close, paving the way for a new Houston art space

An independent bookstore closes, paving the way for new art space

Places-Shopping-Domy Books
Domy Books is set to close its doors on July 14.  Photo by Chris Conyers
Cody Ledvina The Brandon puppet
The Brandon is named for Cody Ledvina's puppet, Brandon.  Courtesy of Cody Ledvina
Places-Shopping-Domy Books
Cody Ledvina The Brandon puppet

When The Joanna hosted its final event last month in typically irreverent style, with mud wrestling and all, it was only a matter of time before a new opportunity materialized for Houston artist Cody Ledvina, one half of the enterprising pair behind the Menil-area art space.

Dan Fergus, the owner of Domy Books and Brasil, approached Ledvina about expanding The Joanna's experimental, collaborative concept into his book store, which will close its doors on July 14 after seven years in business. (Domy Books Austin, which opened in 2008, made a transition into Farewell Books earlier this year.)

 "The programming, as far as the art goes, will be basically the exact same [as The Joanna]."  

Ledvina tells CultureMap that the newly-named The Brandon will be an extension of the original but with "regular hours" and "higher visibility" at 1709 Westheimer when it opens later this summer. Expect exhibits featuring emerging artists, artist lectures and music performances.

"The programming, as far as the art goes, will be basically the exact same [as The Joanna]," Ledvina says. "Not any more refined or professional." 

That will kick off with a sort of lecture series entitled "SHI TED," which will be held in the courtyard behind Brasil on July 10. A large group show in September will be followed an exhibition featuring New York artists Jackie Gendel, Peter Labier and Tim Lokeic, with a show from Lee Baxter Davis, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Gary Panter and Robyn O'Neil slated for December.  

As for Domy, Fergus told CultureMap via email that he is planning a "going away party," complete with drinks and music and steep inventory discounts, on Sunday from 6 to 10 p.m.