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The real Oscars winner: Heidi the opossum's star is rising faster than Natalie Portman's

The real Oscars winner: Heidi the opossum's star is rising faster than Natalie Portman's

Heidi, the Leipzig zoo opossum, has crossed eyes due to fatty deposits. She is now on a diet. But not from predicting. Photo by Sebastian Willnow/AP
The King's Speech
Heidi failed to predict "The King's Speech" to win Best Picture, but she nailed Natalie Portman and Colin Firth.
The King's Speech

Crossed eyes didn't stop one opossum’s psychic vision. Heidi, Germany’s cross-eyed opossum who rose to stardom through YouTube videos, is back in the spotlight, correctly predicting two out of three Oscar winners: Natalie Portman for best actress (Black Swan) and Colin Firth for best actor (The King’s Speech).

She fell short when she picked 127 Hours for best picture, which went to The King’s Speech.

Watch Heidi in action on the Jimmy Kimmel Show:

The Virginia opossum heralds from South Carolina and made her predictions from her home at the Leipzig Zoo in Germany.

Two out of three may seem unimpressive, but consider that she chose from five nominees each time.

Heidi predicted best actor and best actress by placing her paw on an Oscar statuette with the actors’ photo. For best picture, Heidi selected from grapes laid in front of placards of the nominated films, reports Reuters.

Heidi’s psychic powers can’t be rushed. Zoo spokeswoman Maria Saegebarth said of Heidi’s TV appearances, “She took as long as she needed to predict the winners, sometimes taking naps.”

It’s likely Heidi’s psychic vision has little to do with eyesight. Opossums rely primarily on their sense of smell to navigate.

She isn’t Germany’s first oracle animal. Octopus Paul correctly predicted much of the World Cup last summer. Sadly Paul died, forcing Germans to move past octopuses.

Still scoffing at the marsupial's alleged abilities?

Well, take solace knowing that the proceeds from Heidi's work aid efforts to save the endangered Borneo rhino. The Leipzig Zoo is one of several organizations involved in attempts to breed the rhino.