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Charity Challenge spotlight: Children with cancer are treated like heroes

Charity Challenge spotlight: Treating children with cancer like heroes

Charity Challenge Heroes for Children
Heroes for Children provides assistance to children with cancer and their families. Heroes for Children/Facebook

Houston's a city of great giving and the CultureMap Charity Challenge aims to highlight that. CultureMap selected 12 deserving nonprofits to compete for a grand prize as they all raise awareness for worthy causes. Today: Heroes for Children.

Heroes for Children advocates for and provides financial and social assistance to families with children — ages 0 to 22-years-old — who are battling cancer.

Currently, an estimated 12,400 children are diagnosed with a form of cancer in the United States, and with the diagnosis comes the challenge to provide financially for the family. In order to provide constant care for their child, parents frequently lose or quit their jobs.

The assistance Heroes for Children provides directly to families helps relieve some of the strain and stress during this difficult time in their lives. Whether it is to pay a medical bill, buy gas for the frequent trips to the hospital or keep a family from having their electricity turned off, Heroes for Children is committed to helping families.

Since 2004, the organization has provided more than $4 million directly to 4,200 families in need through our financial assistance grants. Whether this money goes toward a mortgage payment or travel expenses to and from the hospital, it relieves some of the pressure families feel while caring for a sick child and trying to make ends meet.

In addition, Heroes for Children hosts special events like a Holiday Heroes Party, a Valentine’s Day dinner and Milestones gatherings for families throughout the year.

Vote now for Heroes for Children — or one of the other worthy local nonprofits — in the CultureMap Charity Challenge.

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