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Son is charged in murder of his mother at River Oaks home

Son is charged in murder of his mother at River Oaks home

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The scene at a River Oaks-area home Courtesy of Channel 13 Houston

UPDATE: John Shank is in Harris County Jail, charged with the murder of his mother, Nancy Hiller Shank. He is being held on a $500,000 bond and will appear in court on Thursday.


Houston police are investigating a stabbing death in the River Oaks area. The River Oaks Patrol, a private guard service, sent out the following information to residents:

"A domestic disturbance resulted in the death of an individual in the 3700 block of Overbrook — just outside of the River Oaks area a short time ago. Time is currently 1:27pm on Wednesday. The possible suspect has been taken into custody by the Harris County Sheriffs Department at I-10 and the Beltway just moments ago.

There is very little information avaliable at this time. This message is intended to advise all in the River Oaks area of the event. It appears that the situation has been concluded. More information will be broadcast as it becomes available." 

Channel 13 reports that neighbors heard screams coming from the Roydon Oaks home just after noon and ran to help. A woman was fatally stabbed and a suspect, believed to be the victim's 20-year-old son, drove off. He was arrested near the Katy Freeway and West Beltway. He reportedly surrendered to police after his father reached him on a cell phone.

The victim's name has not been released. Harris County Appraisal District records indicate the home is owned by Daniel and Nancy Shank.

Neighbors said the son had tried to jump off the roof of the house a couple of days ago but was talked down. A police spokesman said the son, John Shank, had been hospitalized this year for mental health problems and that police had been  called to the home.

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