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Cool new YETI store chills out in tricked-out Highland Village space

Cool new YETI store chills out in tricked-out Highland Village space

YETI Houston store
Chill out with all the YETI things. Photo courtesy of YETI

Ah, the age-old Houston cooler debate: Does one opt for the ubiquitous YETI, or a cooler from local purveyors RTIC? For those who choose the former (no judgement here), a new store promises a bonanza of goods.

YETI has opened its eighth retail store location, a 3,400-square-foot hub in Highland Village (4048 Westheimer Rd.). Fans can expect super-chill products and customized gear, plus the following in Houston store, according to press materials:

  • The YETI Garage: This is offered only in retail store locations. Here, customers can customize Tundra Hard Coolers with colored latches, ropes, and badges, or purchase replacement parts and cooler accessories.
  • A bear-tested cooler: Literally, a bear pawed through this thing, showcasing the durability of the product.
  • YETI Presents film reel: Promotional highlights will run during store hours, giving insight into the brand’s stories from the wild.
  • YETI ICE Machine: For those brand aficionados who must have their already-frozen YETI ICE.

For some local flavor, trappings and props from YETI Houston store ambassador and renowned Texas fly fisherman JT Van Zandt will be featured throughout the store. Keeping to that theme, painted redfish will adorn the space.

Savvy shoppers can look for the full array of coolers, clothing, pet products, bags and more. For more information, call (713) 909-3121 or visit the official site

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