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Houston's 12 most dangerous intersections are putting drivers at risk

Houston's 12 most dangerous intersections are putting drivers at risk

Allen Parkway improvements with trees
An intersection at Allen Parkway makes the list.  Photo by ©Morris Malakoff

Driving in Houston can be dangerous, but do you know the most dangerous intersections in Houston?

In southwest Houston, the intersection of Bellaire and Ranchester has wide sidewalks and updated crossing signals, but advocacy groups have named it one of the most dangerous intersections in Houston from 2013 to 2017.

"At this particular intersection, there were 11 crashes, and that includes one person walking who was killed in a crash," says Oni Blair, executive director of LINK Houston.

The advocacy group is interested in how walkers, cyclists, and drivers all use the roads to reach opportunities in the region. Reporter Elissa Rivas walked the intersection and noticed a large metal control box sitting on the corner, blocking drivers' view from the sidewalk.

"There's no definition for where the driver should stop, or where the walker should be going across," Blair says.

Beverly Edwards, a resident in the area, says people often find themselves dodging traffic. "You have to run and get out the way because they're going pretty fast," Edwards says.

The City of Houston has made dozens of intersections priority for safety evaluations based on recommendations by LINK Houston and the cycling advocacy group, BikeHouston.

City officials say they have worked with the Federal Highway Administration to conduct what is calls "road safety audits."

The audits include the input of Houston Public Works staff, the Houston Police Department, METRO, BikeHouston, and Link Houston.

The city says they are reviewing traffic volumes, historical crash data and have gone to each of the sites to see the conditions first-hand and brainstorm safety recommendations.

Here's a list of the intersections undergoing road safety audits:

  • Bellaire and Ranchester
  • Bellaire and Gessner
  • Fondren and W. Bellfort
  • Bissonnet and Wilcrest
  • Taylor near Spring
  • Washington and Patterson
  • Nicholson at 11th
  • Spur 527 & Hawthorne
  • Shepherd and Allen Parkway
  • Fannin at Pierce
  • Longpoint and Gessner
  • West and Airline


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