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Houstonians vote to continue pivotal Rebuild Houston drainage program

Houstonians vote to continue pivotal Rebuild Houston drainage program

Houston park with skyline
Rebuild Houston eases flooding concerns by improving drainage in the city.  Sky Noir Photography by Bill Dickinson/Getty Images

The city's ballot propositions were especially politicized this year, often pitting the mayor against other groups.

Proposition A, which passed with more than 74 percent of the vote, will continue the Rebuild Houston program. That includes a small drainage fee added to residents' water bills.

The program, created to improve the quality of life and mobility for residents of the city by rebuilding our drainage and street infrastructure, was started under Mayor Bill White in 2010.

It was continued under Mayor Annise Parker and now Mayor Sylvester Turner had backed the program as well. A court forced it back on the ballot this year, because of a flaw in the language of the original ballot. 

Since its inception in 2011, ReBuild Houston has spent more than half a billion dollars on ReBuild Houston projects using a cash-only model versus the previous debt model.

ReBuild Houston has improved (both street and drainage) more than 900 lane miles across the City. This includes 573 lane miles of repair/rehabilitation and 349 lane miles of reconstruction.

The program's critics say that while it is billed as an improvement to drainage, it also sends funds to unrelated programs.


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