Missing Money Mystery

Suitcases stuffed with $3.2 million in cash suddenly missing: And the notorious hand doc's not talking

Suitcases stuffed with $3.2million in cash by hand doctor are missing

Taste N See chicken waffles
Bankruptcy trustees hope to locate Brown's missing assests, including two suitcases filled with $3.2 million. Taste N See
Dr. Michael Brown hand surgeon in suit in courthouse hallway RUN FLAT
The former doctor remains incapacitated in a Miami Beach hospital. Photo courtesy of KHOU Houston/Channel 11
Taste N See chicken waffles
Dr. Michael Brown hand surgeon in suit in courthouse hallway RUN FLAT

While disgraced Houston hand surgeon Michael Brown remains incapacitated at a Miami hospital, trustees for his now-bankrupt carpal tunnel empire are scrambling to locate a laundry list of missing assets.

Houston attorney Ronald Sommers, the trustee leading the search, has requested to interview more than a dozen witnesses to recover $1 million in artwork and furniture from Brown's Manhattan apartment as well as $250,000 in jewelry from his Florida mansion and . . . oh yeah, two suitcases stuffed with $3.2 million in cash.

Court documents claim that officials learned of the missing assets through the doctor's attorneys and Brown Hand Center associates like CFO Chuck Cave and embittered chief of staff Ray von Proctor, both of whom made Sommers' witness list.

Trustees also hope to sell Brown's 2,700-acre ranch and its menagerie of rare animals. 

Trustees also hope to sell Brown's 2,700-acre ranch in Normangee (two hours north of Houston) along with a menagerie of rare animals that includes zebras, ostriches, pygmy goats, a herd of Indian antelope, Japanese deer, a herd of 100 elk, miniature donkeys, miniature horses and two Clydesdales.

Meanwhile, KTRK Ch. 13 uncovered further details about the evening Brown suffered his cardiac arrest on Oct. 24, just hours before his was slated to start a 30-day jail sentence for choking a British Airways flight attendant.

According to an unnamed source, the good doctor was with a "Russian female companion" at the time of the attack. Under the influence, he allegedly kicked through the windows of a pair of his own luxury cars and proceeded to urinate on them.

The source also notes that medical authorities later discovered alcohol, hydrocodone and an erectile dysfunction drug in his system the night of the incident. Brown hasn't regained consciousness since.

Ray von Proctor — who serves as Brown's guardian in addition to claiming that the doc assaulted an unconscious woman on a yacht — tells the Houston Press that Brown was at home during the heart attack in spite of prior reports claiming he was at a party in Miami Beach.