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Dramatic Ferguson Protest

The most dramatic images of the Ferguson protests: As arrests pile up around U.S., Houston's march peaceful

By Barbara Kuntz

"Intense" one participant described the evening. An angry young man jumped in front of television cameras trying to interrupt a reporter's interview. Barely school-aged children carri ...

Hand Doc Estate Sale

Michael Brown estate hits the auction block with items as eccentric as the late hand doc himself

By Tyler Rudick

In the first of four weekend events, auctioneers will begin selling off high-ticket items from the estate of Michael Brown — the notorious carpal tunnel surgeon who passed away at a Miami hos ...

Dead Doctor Mystery

Dead hand doctor mystery deepens: Homes in NY, Miami and Houston full of guns, erotic surprises

By Tyler Rudick

Before his sudden and mysterious death earlier this month, Michael Brown was known for drug-addled public outbursts and continually violent confrontations with women. But recent inven ...

Hand doc dead

Hand doc Michael Brown is dead: Life support pulled after apparent suicide attempt

By Tyler Rudick

Former hand surgeon Michael Brown has died after he was removed from life support in a Miami Beach hospital, according to news reports. The Houston Press reported on Thursday that the notorious ...

Missing Money Mystery

Suitcases stuffed with $3.2 million in cash suddenly missing: And the notorious hand doc's not talking

By Tyler Rudick

While disgraced Houston hand surgeon Michael Brown remains incapacitated at a Miami hospital, trustees for his now-bankrupt carpal tunnel empire are scrambling to locate a laundry list of ...

Hand Doc On Life Support

Notorious hand doctor on life support: Rushed to hospital from a Miami Beach party

By Tyler Rudick

Infamous former hand doctor Michael Brown is in a Florida hospital, having suffered an apparent heart attack. Documents filed with a federal bankruptcy court on Monday report only that the doct ...

One Bad Trip

Brown Hand doc doesn't dodge jail this time: Choking & sexually bothering flight attendants isn't forgiven

By Tyler Rudick

A U.S. judge sentenced notorious Houston hand doctor Michael Brown to 30 days in a federal penitentiary for choking a flight attendant on a trans-Atlantic flight in January. (Brown also t ...


Notorious hand doctor can't stay out of divorce trouble: Headed to jail yet again

By Tyler Rudick

Everyone's favorite disgraced hand doctor Michael Brown is going to be arrested for the second time this year after he failed to attend a Harris County court date related to his protracted ...

A No Jail Deal?

Is the notorious hand doctor going soft? Set to stop fighting flight attendant charges and plead guilty

By Tyler Rudick

Disgraced Brown Hand Center doctor Michael Brown appears to be giving up on the ol' prescription sleep aid defense for a January incident during which he allegedly tried to choke a pa ...

The unsinkable Michael Brown

Brown Hand Center doc accused of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on his yacht in new suit

By Tyler Rudick

The Harris County District Court has itself another doozy of a case from everybody's favorite disgraced doctor Michael Brown. A former chief of staff at the Brown Medical Center & ...

32 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 4
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (32)   Places (0)
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