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Houston ranks near the top of list of Best Cities for Engineering Jobs

Houston ranks near top of list of Best Cities for Engineering Jobs

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According to a new ranking, Houston is the No. 2 Best City for Engineering Jobs in the U.S. Houston Public Media

Although oil prices may have dropped this year, the "Energy Capital of the World" is still a hot spot for engineers.

Houston was just named No. 2 on a new list of the 10 Best Cities for Engineering Jobs compiled by Austin-based Sparefoot, coming in right behind Atlanta at No. 1. 

Dallas (No. 6) and Austin (No. 8) were also in the Top 10.

The list was compiled based on several factors, including job availability (based on data from employment website Indeed.com), median salary, median home price and median annual rent, as well as the percentage share of job listings, salary as percentage of home prices and rent as a percentage of salary. 

Houston was found to have the highest number of engineering job listings at 14 percent. But Bayou City came in at No. 6 out of the 10 cities when it comes to median salary. The average annual salary for engineers working in Houston is $102,000, whereas engineers in San Jose (No. 7 ) have an average salary of $128,000, which is the highest on the list.

Houston does, however, feature both the lowest median home price — $141,400 — and median annual rent — $10,728 — of any of the cities.

Apparently Texas is known for being quite affordable as Dallas features the second lowest median home price at $150,000 and Austin features the fourth lowest at $192,000. The median annual salary for engineers in Dallas is $92,000 — the third lowest on the list — and Austin's is the lowest at $85,000. 

According to the list, the institutions that employ the most engineers in the Houston area are Shell, ExxonMobil, Hewlett-Packard, Chevron, Halliburton, KBR, Quanta Services and NASA.

In February, Forbes ranked Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown at No. 6 on their list of the Best Cities for Engineers. According to the business magazine, nearly 22 out of every 1,000 employees in the city are engineers and they found Houston's median engineering salary to be $122,970.

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