party on the bayou

Celebrate an all new Buffalo Bayou with this free waterfront party

Celebrate an all new Buffalo Bayou with this free waterfront party

Buffalo Bayou Tony Marron Park
The newly planned Tony Morran Park along Buffalo Bayou.  Rendering courtesy of Buffalo Bayou Partnership

Houston might be the country’s fourth-largest metropolis, but that hasn’t slowed the cultivating of its green, natural areas.

One example is the historic Buffalo Bayou’s East Sector. For years, the Buffalo Bayou Partnership has worked to develop a master plan for the area, which spans the five-mile stretch of Buffalo Bayou from US 59 to the Port of Houston Turning Basin. This space joins Houston’s Fifth Ward and the Greater East End, two of the city’s most historic neighborhoods.

Now, a new plan will create parks, trails, and unique destinations reflecting the rich cultural and industrial legacies of the East Sector. It’s a culmination of the partnership of local organizations on programs that activate the Bayou in the short- term and development projects that will transform the waterway in the long-term, according to the Partnership.

The plan includes:

• Some 40 miles of new and improved waterfront trails and bikeways
• At least 200 acres of new and improved parks and open space
• Seven new boat landings
• Seven new pedestrian bridges

“This plan is about investing in a community that hasn’t benefited from the same level of park funding that more affluent communities in Houston have seen,” said Anne Olson, Buffalo Bayou Partnership president, in a statement. “Being true to the context of the neighborhoods lining the bayou is very important to us. Buffalo Bayou Partnership wants to create parks and destinations that really are ‘of’ the Greater East End and Fifth Ward – two areas that have historically been separated from the bayou and each other.”

To celebrate the culmination of the multi-year plan, the Buffalo Bayou Partnership will host a free waterfront event featuring live music, a presentation of the master plan, and the opportunity to tour a new site overlooking Buffalo Bayou on Saturday, October 26.

As a nod to the charms of the East End, guests can expect neighborhood vendors, refreshments courtesy of Saint Arnold Brewing Company, face painting, piñata making, slabs, and lowriders. As an extra incentive, the first 100 people to attend will receive a bike helmet, donated by BikeHouston.


The free event runs from noon to 4 pm at along the Buffalo Bayou waterfront at 5803 Navigation Blvd. For more information, visit the Buffalo Bayou Partnership online.