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Meet Joker the sweet Staffordshire terrier, CultureMap's pet of the week

Meet Joker the Staffordshire terrier, CultureMap's pet of the week

Pet of the Week - Joker
The jovial Joker is available for adoption Friday, October 5.  Photo courtesy of Citizens for Animal Protection

Name: Joker, as in Joker from Full Metal Jacket, the Joker in Batman, and the great game show, Press Your Luck.

Birthdate: August 7, 2016. Just right for bringing home a pet.

Ethnicity: Here's where it gets a little tricky. He's a Staffordshire terrier — that's Kennel Club talk for pit bull. Citizens for Animal Protection is one of the few shelters that will adopt out a pit bull. I know a lot of people have a default setting ... pit bulls have a bad reputation and it's just as easy to adopt a golden retriever or cocker spaniel. Why roll the dice?

But there are people that swear that pit bulls' bad rap is just media hysteria. If you raise a pit bull with love and gentleness, the dog will be the sweetest animal walking the earth.

That said, here's a little about Joker. He's a big fella, 54 pounds and strong. But he's a sweet, adorable pooch who just wants to hang with the family and cuddle on your lap. Shelter workers say he's good with other dogs and cats, but if you have another pet, you might bring that pet to meet Joker first and see how they get along.

It's your decision, if you are a pit bull fan (the dog, not the singer), Joker might complete you. He's a cutie, all right.

Come and get me: Joker is available for adoption at 11 am Friday, October 5 at Citizens for Animal Protection (17555 Katy Freeway; 281-497-0591). Tell them, "Ken sent me."


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