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Meet Rocky, the bouncy boxer, CultureMap's pet of the week

Meet Rocky, the bouncy boxer, CultureMap's pet of the week

Pet of the week - Rocky boxer
Bouncing boxer Rocky knows a ton of commands and is ready to come home with you today.  Photo courtesy of Citizens for Animal Protection

Name: Rocky, as in legendary boxers Marciano and Balboa, Rocket J. Squirrel, Rocky Road ice cream, and The Rock's father, wrestler Rocky Johnson.

Birthdate: August 8, 2017. I'm in the prime of my life and in such great physical shape that I could win Dancing with the Stars. Only problem, I would be the most famous of the "stars." I swear, when they mentioned the new cast of stars, I thought "these must be the pro coaches," because I had no idea who most of them were. It's getting embarrassing — time to yank the plug.

Ethnicity: I'm a big ol' boxer mix, with splashes of red and white. I've got drop-dead gorgeous eyes that could melt the South Pole. I'm very energetic, a real fun machine, so I'd do best in a home with children older than 6.

I know a bunch of commands like "leave it," "sit," and "stay," so I'm a real learner. I love car rides and couch naps. I do have a quirk. Ready? I don't like my feet touched. No foot fetish here. So if you try to hold my feet and dance with me, I'll let out a yelp that will wake the neighbors. I was fostered by one of the CAP directors here, who vouches that I'm one heck of a beautiful, loyal, loving pet.

And the cherry on top: since I've been in the shelter for more than a month, that makes me a VIP, half off my adoption fee. And that includes neutering, and vet exam and shampoo. When you come to check me out, ask for Jessica, my foster mom, who'll give you the total lowdown on me.

And now a shout out to pro tennis player Bianca Andreescu, who's in the U.S. Open semifinals. Get this, when she goes back to Romania for a visit, she takes time out to find stray dogs. She gets them checked out by a vet, cleaned up, and groomed, then she gives the dogs to friends and relatives who adopt them forever. So Andreescu is more than a tennis machine. Good for her.

Come and get me: I'm available for adoption at 11 am Friday, September 6, at Citizens for Animal Protection (17555 Katy Freeway; 281-497-0591). Tell them, "Ken sent me."


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