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Starbucks perks up caffeine-deprived Houstonians with new home delivery service

Starbucks perks up caffeine-deprived Houston with new home delivery

Starbucks Delivers Houston Uber Eats home delivery
No need to leave home for your tall mocha or iced coffee.

Good news arrived on July 9 for the caffeine-deprived of Houston: Starbucks now offers delivery, meaning those dependent on their morning brew to function can get their cup of ambition brought straight to their door. The coffee behemoth partnered with Uber Eats to provide the service, christened Starbucks Delivers.

Nearly all of the company's menu is available for home or office delivery via the Uber Eats app. And, as part of the company's launch with the already popular food delivery service, customers can receive special offers on their orders through the Uber Eats mobile app for a limited time.

So, Houstonians who have to have their iced tea lemonade, flat white, cold brew, or blueberry scone but can't break away from their hectic morning routine or mid-day office meeting will likely be thrilled at the convenience of having their coffee brought to them. And yes, those who want their super-customized, triple, venti, non-fat, half-sweet caramel macchiatos, can get them; the app has a place for special orders.

All orders incur a 49-cent delivery fee and a 15 percent convenience fee. (Orders under 10 bucks get slapped with a $2 "small order fee.") So, for example, an iced, venti coffee with extra ice and room that usually goes for $3.41 would be $6.49 via Starbucks Delivers. (Possibly outrageous, but a definite possibility the next time there are no more Keurig pods in the cabinet.) 

Starbucks Delivers is already available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C., and Seattle (natch). The service also launches in Dallas and Orange County, California on July 9.