Swiping Right on Tinder

Tinder survey reveals which occupations are most attractive to men and to women

Tinder survey reveals which jobs are most attractive to men, to women

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Teachers are leaders — when it comes to the dating scene on Tinder. iStock

On the make for a mate, a hook-up, or merely a new beer pong partner? If you are female and work as a marketing director in Houston, your odds of getting the coveted right swipe on Tinder are tops. Men who are teachers are the favorite for women playing the dating game.

After introducing the option of adding job and education details to personal profiles, the on-line, location-based dating service began looking closely at data to determine which professions garnered the highest ratio of right swipes. The study of most popular careers in Houston covered the period from November 2015 through May 2016.

The most-often right-swiped job for men on Tinder was teacher, a career that earned second most right-swiped among men looking for a female playmate. Guys on the hunt were more likely to right-swipe gals who work as real estate agents, radiologists and CEOs/entrepreneurs, in that order. 

Ladies looking for love tended to give the high sign, after teachers, to COOs, financial analysts, engineers and CEOs/entrepreneurs, in that order. Rounding out the 15 most popular professions according to the ladies were pilot, human resources manager, scientist, designer, lawyer, firefighter/EMT, flight attendant, college/graduate student, marketing director and, finally, dentist.

The guys, according to their right swipes, were most interested in women, in descending order, who described their jobs as nurse, college/graduate student, photographer, flight attendant, clinical dietitian, lawyer, professional athlete, translator, model, musician. 

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