Deep dive

Houston Zoo showcases stunning deepwater giants in new immersive exhibit

Houston Zoo showcases stunning deepwater giants in new exhibit

Houston Zoo Undersea Discovery
Meet a manta ray at the zoo. Photo by Jackelin Reyna

Land-locked visitors to the Houston Zoo are about to experience something very few have: an encounter with giant, deep-sea marine life. It's part of the zoo's temporary Undersea Discovery exhibit.

Fas can dive in now through September 6. The exhibit offers an up-close look at animatronic dwellers of the deep, giving zoo visitors an immersive experience.

The curious can walk through the life-sized jaws of a prehistoric megalodon (the predecessor of the Great White Shark), get up close to the Japanese spider crab with the largest leg span of any arthropod, and observe the amazing oceanic manta ray with an 18-foot wingspan, according to a press release.

In addition to offering visitors an up-close look at these inhabitants of the undersea world, the exhibit is designed to explore the threats these creatures face and help zoo goers understand the importance of preservation.

Zoo visitors can purchase a special Undersea Discovery Add-On Pass to view the new exhibit. The cost is $7.95 for zoo members and $8.95 for non-members. 

A one-time, exhibit-only ticket is are available for $4.95 per person for members and non-members alike. Bonus: a portion of every zoo ticket goes to supporting saving wildlife around the world.

It's been quite the year for the zoo. The beloved destination just celebrated its 100th birthday in a big bash.