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New scam targets Houston couples with threat to reveal embarrassing secrets

New scam threatens to reveal embarrassing secrets of Houston couples

Houston scam letter alert David Audrey Gow
The scam letter threatens to expose marital wrongdoings.  Photo courtesy of ABC13

Scammers are hoping a guilty conscience will lead to stealing people's money.

It's a new scam where people are threatening to release embarrassing information that could harm their marriage.

"My name is grey-moon 84. I know about the secret you're keeping from your wife and everyone else," the letter states.

A letter arrived to the home of Audrey Gow. Her husband, David Gow, is the CEO of Gow Media — which includes CultureMap, ESPN 97.5, SportsMap, SB Nation Radio, and other media entities.

The letter says unless the husband sends $8,700, revealing information will be sent to his wife, family and next-door neighbors.

"The clock is ticking," the letter states.

"That's just so mean," Audrey Gow says.

There are even instructions on how to do so via Bitcoins, which is an online currency.

Officers say instead of sending the money, you should ignore the directions and call police.

"If you're going to write this kind of a letter and throw it out in any neighborhood in the world to thousands of people, you're going to find people that have made mistakes that they're embarrassed to come out," says Gow, adding that her husband has nothing to hide.

Which is why she decided to share the letter so others won't fall victim.


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