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Houston-area wildlife refuge and petting zoo asks locals for unused food

Houston-area wildlife refuge/petting zoo asks locals for unused food

As Houstonians face days without power, thousands are forced to toss unused, aging food. But one local refuge and petting zoo has a dire need for that edible refuse. TGR Exotics Wildlife Park, located in Spring, is asking Houstonians not to trash their foodstuff, but instead donate it.

In a Facebook post on Friday, February 19, the park, which is home to more than 100 animals, detailed its needs:

DON’T Throw Away your PRODUCE, EGGS or UNSEASONED MEAT. Hello! If you you [sic] have produce (fruit/vegetables), eggs or raw meat/chicken(unprocessed or unseasoned) that was in your frig [sic] that you feel is not good for your family, WE WOULD LOVE to have it!!

Park owners note, importantly, that animals will eat any food that is not moldy. Here are the food items that animals cannot consume:

  • onions
  • green onions
  • garlic
  • cabbage
  • bacon
  • seafood
  • lunch meat
  • processed meat

Those interested are encouraged to drop off food items at any time at the park’s green gates, located at 22115 Sherrod Ln. Management asks donors to text 713-408-4942 when dropping off food.

This request comes as CenterPoint Energy reports some 20,000 outages in the Greater Houston area as of late February 18, with thousands more still without water.

Meanwhile, strays and wildlife also need assistance as the temps drop. Learn how to help via this handy CultureMap guide.