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Beloved Houston philanthropist speaks out as longtime stalking target

Beloved Houston philanthropist speaks out as longtime stalking target

Houston, Ballet Ball gowns, Feb 2017, Dr. Carolyn Farb in vintage Vicki Tiel.
Carolyn Farb opens up about being the target of a stalker.  Photo courtesy of Jacob Power Photography

A local man has been charged after he allegedly stalked one of Houston's most prominent benefactors.

Robin Chiswell, 61, is accused of sending threatening letters to well-known Houston philanthropist Carolyn Farb for three decades.

"He took it to a low level, my son died in 2004 and he has been mentioning him, 'I'm glad he's dead', and obscenities and all types of terrible things," Farb says.

Farb spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News about Chiswell's arrest. For years, she says she has received letters with return addresses from places like the Houston Country Club or the Museum of Fine Art Rienzi home.

"The letters were often threatening but also often insulting," says prosecutor Sam Knecht. "He would use profanity. Often the letter started off with a string of profanity. It even said 'F---you' in front of it. So very distinctive cardstock."

Chiswell has been charged with one count of felony stalking.

Houston police say they broke the case open a few months ago, and believe Chiswell is also responsible for sending a racist letter to former Texas A&M football coach Kevin Sumlin.

Now, both investigators and Farb hope other victims step forward.

"I'm hoping, that if there are people out there who have gotten a letter from anonymous writers, that they would have the courage to step forth and not let someone get away with this crime," says Farb.


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