A Special Return

Family dogs kidnapped by a mad FedEx delivery man are rescued by good samaritans

Family dogs kidnapped by mad FedEx delivery man rescued by do-gooders

FedEx worker stealing dog January 2015
A FedEx worker taking one of the dogs to his truck, as captured on the family's home surveillance camera. Photo courtesy of KHOU News/Channel 11

Talk about a "special delivery"  — the bad and the good kind.

The bad: A FedEx driver kidnapped a Houston area family's dogs earlier this week when they were outside for a short bathroom break. He loaded them up, one by one in two separate trips, into his delivery truck. And home surveillance cameras caught the entire pet-napping.

"To me he's a monster. My kids were here, if they would have seen him, how would my children have reacted?" owner Erica Correa tells KHOU Ch. 11.

The good: The two French bulldogs, Sheila and Bruno, have been reunited with their family who live in east Harris County. A friendly soul found them the next day wandering the streets and took the pups to the Kirkwood Veterinary Hospital. The vet, John Gregory, and his staff recognized the dogs from news reports and called the Correas — also giving them a thumbs up on their pets' condition.

"We're just so happy, we feel like our family's complete again, really, because we couldn't go another night without these two," owner Armanda Correa tells KHOU. The couple's young daughter Savannah dittoed that sentiment, letting loose a "Hip hip hooray!" while holding up one of the puppy's paws.

FedEx Ground representatives says they are taking "this matter very seriously" and are "working closely" with the Harris County Sheriff's Office in its ongoing investigation into the alleged dog theft.

A happy "tail" in the end for the dogs and their family, but stayed tuned for the real tale of the FedEx worker's impending consequences.

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