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Powerhouse politico Stacy Abrams joins Houstonians at bookstore event

Powerhouse politico Stacy Abrams joins Houstonians at bookstore event

Stacey Abrams
Stacey Abrams will share her fight and her hot takes at this bookish event. Stacey Abrams/Facebook

Houstonians can be part of an incredible conversation when journalist Cari Champion sits down with rock star voting rights advocate and former Georgia congresswoman Stacey Abrams.

The virtual event is part of a nation-wide convo, with several indie bookstores taking part. Houston's Brazos Bookstore is among them. It's scheduled for 6 pm on Tuesday, June 22.

"Cari Champion will moderate the discussion with Stacey Abrams," Brazos Bookstore's general manager Ulrika Moats tells CultureMap. "Then, there's a Q&A. This is such a great moment to hear Stacey speak, if people have questions, it's a chance to interact with her."

The event coincides with the paperback release of Abrams' Our Time is Now: Power, Purpose and the Fight for a Fair America, a frank and chilling look at threats to our democracy. Moats says that the store had been working with Abrams on an event to promote the hardcover edition of the book.

That event was cancelled because of the pandemic. Having this on the calendar is huge, says Moats.

"We're really excited! She's such a prominent figure, and this is a chance to learn more about her work and how she's helped create the changes she has," says Moats. "She saw problems and she did something about it. I think her story is inspiring to anyone who wants to get more involved and doesn't know how to."

The discussion isn't just for Abrams fans, however. Moats points out it's a chance to learn more about the name behind the headline, sure, but it's also an event for people who are interested in politics, who are interested in literature, for those who are naturally curious, and those who love the events the store hosts.

There are two ways audiences can participate. They can register for a free ticket, or they they can purchase a copy of the book, which comes with a ticket to the event. In either case, they'll receive the link to the Zoom event following registration. The last opportunity to register is at 5:30 pm on June 22. 

"This is an opportunity to sit and listen to an inspiring story, as well as having the chance to have your questions answered," says Moats. "I think audience are really going to enjoy that piece of the program."