Taking Off

Eight glamorous and successful Houston women share their summer vacation plans — and you'll be surprised where they're headed

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Where to go to escape the oncoming summer inferno? We checked in with a handful of Houston's female success stories and queried them on summer travel plans. A few surprised us — and only one had Aspen (a fave summer haunt of H-Town's rich and famous) on her itinerary!



H-Town's most glamorous news anchor, KRPC Channel 2's Dominique Sachse:

"Nick, the children and I always take two weeks to go to the family home in Antibes, France. 

"It’s the summer landing pad for his large family, which is spread out all over the States and Europe, so we'll have a chance to see quite a few of them during our time there. 

"We’re also hoping to splinter off for a short stay in Sardinia and Paris."

(Dominique is married to Nick Florescu and between them they have six children.) 

Founder of Laura Mercier Cosmetics and operating partner of Castanea Partners, Janet Gurwitch:



"While I frequently travel for my job, I get to take a little holiday time in June.

"Ron (Franklin) and I will houseguest on The Lady Sheridan, a special yacht belonging to friends. This year, we will be onboard for a week in the Med off of Italy, touring the Amalfi Coast and spending quality time in Capri.

"I then fly to London for a totally different experience. I'll spend a week enjoying my favorite city . . . see two plays including 'The Elephant Man,' attend a Christie's art auction and take luxurious walks in Hyde Park.

"Then back to real life. . ."

Sallie Sargent, president and CEO of Houston Super Bowl L:


"I lived and worked in Lake Tahoe back in the ‘80s and many of my friends are still there.  We get together every summer and enjoy the beauty of Tahoe surrounded by the majestic Sierras.

"There’s nothing like taking a quick plunge in this pristine blue (albeit chilly) lake to re-energize you."

Interior designer Lucinda Loya:


"Kentucky for some family time. I bought a house, built in 1875, and I've been renovating it over the last year.

"Aspen for a couples getaway.

"London for my husband (Javier Loya) to connect with his overseas office. And I love the oh-so-chic city.

"Rome for Gladiator School with our girls, Florence to relax and Milan to check out the latest trends and to shop, of course.

"Africa for a safari in Kenya.

"New York City to follow up on current projects and we have an apartment there."

Nationally-acclaimed accessories designer Elaine Turner:


"As a celebration of the end of the school year - we are heading to Seaside, Fla. It's one of the most beautiful domestic beaches around — the white sand and majestic emerald water are perfection.

"We love the combination of effortless seaside chic mixed with a friendly, hospitable southern atmosphere. It's the perfect low key getaway and close to home which makes it easy.

"We are also heading to Vail in July. Our family goes every summer for a week. When I'm in Vail, I feel the most connected to nature . . . Vail is a true break from the hustle and bustle of Houston. It's one of my favorite places on earth."

Luvi Wheelock, owner of Casa de Novia: 


"Carlos and I are planning to take our girls on several little trips this summer and we hope to finish it off with a big Cali trip starting in Laguna Beach and making our way down to San Diego. It's just so easy to take the girls there and it will be wonderful to get out of the July/August Houston heat.

"Carlos and I always sneak in a trip to the Rosewood Mayakoba in Mexico in the middle of the summer on a random weekend.

"Finally, but definitely not least, Carlos and I will go to Milan together to see the runway shows in mid-September and then sneak up to Venice and Lake Como."

Julie Roberts, owner of Elizabeth Anthony: 


"We are Europe bound this summer and plan to spend time in Italy and Spain.  We love Florence and plan to return to take in more of the art, architecture, culture and cuisine. 

"Day trips to Siena and Fiesole are on the 'no schedule' list.  My husband and I both enjoy vacations with no real schedule and days with lots of walking, people watching and his favorite lunch "beer and gelato".  

"The second half of our trip will be spent in Spain (Barcelona/Madrid).  Visiting the Museo del Prado is high on the list. The why — my daughter will be studying abroad in Spain for six weeks, so naturally the trip is an excuse to see her!

"USA Plans — a long weekend in Charleston, S.C."

Tony's executive chef Kate McLean:


"This year I'm making a quick getaway to New Orleans.  I like to walk around the French quarter and eat all day long. The juicy oysters, the cold bubbles, the dirty roux.

"The streets are always jovial and the music is loud. I also love the historical happenings of New Orleans and believe mostly every ghost story I hear."