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Apparently everyone should be flocking to Texas this summer

Apparently everyone should be flocking to Texas this summer

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Houston is a hot summer spot. Houston Association of Realtors

If you haven't already planned on getting out of town this summer, know that quite a few people could be visiting Texas during their precious time off.

WalletHub used 30 key metrics to compare the 80 largest metro areas and identify the most budget-friendly and fun-filled summer destinations. Houston is apparently both cheap and entertaining, as it comes in No. 9 on the list.

The data takes into account factors such as cost of the cheapest flight to number of attractions to diversity of activities. Houston-The Woodlands claims a very respectable No. 6 in the category of least amount of travel hassles and costs, and the Nos. 17 and 27 ratings for attractions and local costs means bumming around the city is fairly affordable too.

The most puzzling ranking is our weather score: 26 out of 80. Seems a little high for Texas in the summer, no?

Dallas-Fort Worth also makes the top 10, with an impressive ranking of first for fewest travel headaches contributing to its overall No. 6 placement.

Austin shows up at No. 17 overall, and while San Antonio sits at No. 50, it's actually in the 10 worst cities for summer weather.