Nation's Best State Capital

Austin crowned the nation's best state capital in awesome new study

Austin crowned the nation's best state capital in awesome new study

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Austin is the best capital city in America. Photo by Jon Shapley

While we love the Nashvilles, Atlantas, and Denvers of the world, no capital city can outrank Austin, and now we have the data to prove it.

Financial website Wallethub has ranked all 50 state capitals to determine which has the best of everything an ideal city should offer, and Austin ranks No. 1. 

It breaks down like this. Austin ranks No. 2 for economic well-being. A low unemployment rate (2.9 percent) coupled with high income growth and population growth make Austin's economy almost unbeatable. 

Texas' capital city ranks fifth for education and health. The quality of local schools and the high number of Austinites with a bachelor's degree earn Austin stellar marks. However, only 80.3 percent of residents have health insurance, pointing to an area for improvement.

Despite growing concerns on a local level, Austin ranks No. 11 for affordability among state capitals, with the fifth highest median household income ($57,517). Surprisingly, Austin's worst ranking is for quality of life, No. 18. Traffic, commute times, and long work hours are to blame.

Still, life in this capital city is good — the best in the nation, in fact.