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The 8 best bars to watch Astros playoff games

The 8 best bars to watch Astros playoff games

Lucky's Pub
Lucky's Pub in EaDo does big events right.  Courtesy photo

Here’s the beauty of playoff baseball. It’s a quick and dirty three rounds (four if you count the single elimination wild card play in…which I don’t), and the question of who is the baddest team in baseball is resolved in roughly four weeks. With that being said, whether you’re a diehard fan, or a casual observer of the Houston Astros, the reality is this: If they win four more games, they’ll be in the World Series.

This next round should be worth watching to even a casual sports fan. The Astros are an exciting team that lights up the scoreboard with their bats, and shut teams down with their arms. The back and forth nature of  Game 4 of the ALDS took years off of my life, but it proved that this team has the type of grit you look for if you expect something special to happen in the postseason. Our best against Boston’s best at the end of the game, and our best was better.

What I’m saying is that you should definitely be watching the Astros for the rest of the playoffs. The question then becomes where.

Obviously if you can swing it, your best bet is to just go to the games at Minute Maid. Games 1 and 2 against Boston were absolutely electric inside the stadium. Even then, though, you’re looking at two away games (at the very least) where you’re going to need to find a spot to catch the game. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Through my own independent (and obviously altruistic) research, I’ve determined the best spots to catch the Astros throughout the remainder of the playoffs.

Now keep in mind, this isn’t a full endorsement of the bar at any given day of the week. I’m just saying it’s a good spot for playoff baseball. What makes a good spot for playoff baseball? Space for a group to sit, a good view of the game, decent drink prices and selection, and food. I now submit my findings for your review.

8. Revelry on Richmond
Nestled between the old dive bars in the Montrose area that seem to cling to life with a barnacle-like resolve stands the shiny, pristine Revelry on Richmond. The space is a bit of a squeeze, but if your group can manage to carve out some real estate, expect an awesome menu of upscale bar food, a robust craft beer lineup, and a wine menu that actually extends beyond red or white. The TV setup is perfect, so there's no bad seat in the house. Just make sure you get there early so you can get one. (1613 Richmond Ave)

7. HTX Fan Tavern
They’re situated right across the street from Minute Maid and have been running drink specials every playoff game so far. It’s as close as you can get to the game without walking through a metal detector, so if you want to be close to the party, this is your spot. They will probably be setting up another block party so keep an eye out for that. Other than that, it’s a fairly large space with plenty of TVs and projectors to catch the game. No food though, just a heads up. (1880 Texas St)

6. Christian’s Tailgate (Heights)
I normally think of these guys when I’m looking to watch a college football game, but they have the playoff thing figured out and this location is big enough for you to bring a group. As with the other Christian’s Tailgates, they sport a full menu and their burgers were voted Houston’s best this year for a reason. I’ve been known to destroy a basket of fried pickles, personally. Parking is the typical Heights nightmare, so it’s best to Uber (or Lyft. Live your life how you want). (2820 White Oak Drive)

5. Little Woodrows (Midtown)
These guys are definitely going to have the sound on for the game, and that’s huge. Aside from that, you’re looking at a bar in the heart of one of Houston’s biggest bar scenes (for the victory party) with plenty of patio space, plenty of TVs and a huge beer selection. A rotation of food trucks are located just across the street, so either eat ahead, or roll the dice. (2306 Brazos St)

4. Kirby Ice House
If Little Woodrow’s is the Target of Houston bars, this is their Super Target. It’s absolutely massive, so you won’t have any issues seating your group. It’s well staffed and the drink selection is as extensive as you’ve come to expect from the chain. If you’re hungry, they have a food truck parked in the back. (3333 Eastside St)

3. Little Woodrow’s (EaDo)
It’s my list, I can add all the Woodrow’s if I want. The truth is though, they’ve got the sports thing figured out, and The EaDo version has all of the boxes checked to enjoy some playoff baseball. It has a huge indoor area with a projector paired with an equally large patio, BBQ in the back, and a bartending staff that is as lightning quick and efficient as they come so you don’t miss an inning. I’ve watched the majority of the past three seasons here for a reason. (2019 Walker St)

2. West Alabama Ice House
Probably one of the most unique playoff watching experiences you can have. One of Houston’s most legendary taco trucks rests just on the corner of this iconic ice house as well, so if there’s an ounce of Texas in your bones, I shouldn’t have to elaborate any further on how set you are from the food perspective. It’s all outdoors, so check the weather, but between the two projectors and rows of picnic tables, your group should have no trouble staking claim to a decent spot. WAIH’s drink prices are very hard to beat. (1919 W Alabama St)

1. Lucky’s Pub
The playoff watch party to end all playoff watch parties. These guys go all out. The bar is already enormous on its own – with two projectors, one of which stretches 21 feet – but Lucky’s doesn’t care. If history repeats itself, they’ll be blocking off the entire street next door, trucking in a stadium sized Jumbotron, and setting up mobile bars up and down the block. This is where you want to go, if you want to immerse yourself in the playoff atmosphere, bar none. (801 St. Emmanuel St)


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