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Is Houston the NBA's best free agent destination? Landing Melo could make it so

Landing Melo could confirm H-Town as NBA's best free agent destination

Carmelo Anthony Houston Rockets at Americas July 2014
It certainly looks like the Rockets have a free agent strategy. Could Carmelo Anthony be part of it? Photo courtesy of KHOU Houston/Channel 11

The Herd's Colin Cowherd believes the key to running an NBA franchise successfully is not only to be smart, but also be aggressive. He loves what Daryl Morey is doing with the Houston Rockets, and really likes the idea of adding Carmelo Anthony. Cowherd insists that the NBA has a history of rewarding risk takers, so Morey taking calculated risks is absolutely the right thing to do.

The Clippers decision to move Chris Paul early was a very smart one on their part, according to Morey. When you make a deal early, you are able to get more value in return, and the team trading with you has time to put a plan together. It certainly looks like the Rockets have a plan they are working on, which begs the question: Has Morey elevated Houston to the best free agent destination in the NBA? Well, landing Melo sure wouldn’t hurt that perception.