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How long can the Texans own the AFC South? Quarterback is the key

How long can the Texans own the AFC South? Quarterback is the key

Tom Savage pocket Texans 49ers
Texans quarterback Tom Savage hasn't had a chance to show what he can do. Photo By Michelle Watson/CultureMapSnap

The only thing keeping the Houston Texans from being a legit Super Bowl contender has been the inconsistent and sometimes awful play at quarterback. The Texans addressed the position in the draft, but Tom Savage hasn’t had a real opportunity to show what he can do. Some of that is his fault, because he keeps getting injured. Last year, he had a nice performance against Jacksonville, but he basically fell on his face against Cincinnati the following week. In his defense, you can’t kill a guy in his first few NFL starts, but Savage still hasn’t thrown a single touchdown pass in his career.

What about the rookie?

Deshaun Watson’s ability to pick up the offense has been a pleasant surprise to the Texans, and there have been rumblings around NRG that he may be ready to replace Savage faster than initially expected.

Can they win the division again?

It doesn’t all come down to the QB, because the Texans have a great defense and haven’t needed stellar QB play to win the division four out of the last six seasons. The real question is, can the Texans win it again with Tennessee and Jacksonville closing the gap in the off-season? The crew from ESPN's NFL Live gives their predictions for the AFC South in 2017, and not everyone is feeling so confident about the Texans’ chances.