what about bob? (Part 3)

Former Texan Owen Daniels disputes Bob McNair's comments regarding 2008 election

Former Texan disputes Texans owner's comments regarding 2008 election

Owen Daniels Texans celebrate
Former Texan Owen Daniels says he remembers the team meeting regarding the election of Barack Obama. Photo by CultureMapSnap

Former Texan Owen Daniels was on ESPN 97.5 with John Granato and Raheel Ramzanali last month, and spoke about the strange meeting Texans owner Bob McNair held with the players after the election of President Barack Obama in 2008.

Despite any claims to the contrary, Daniels said that the meeting did happen, and he found it very peculiar that McNair would hold a meeting with the team to inform them about his displeasure with the results of the election. McNair has denied that this meeting took place, but now at least two players have confirmed that it did indeed happen.

McNair has since stated that he regrets apologizing for his controversial comments about the "inmates running the prison." McNair's recent statement led John Granato and Lance Zierlein to revisit the interview with Owen Daniels, and question why the Texans owner continues to keep giving life to this story.

The discrepancy has now gained national attention, and has led some in the media, including SportsMap's Patrick Creighton, to suggest that it may be time for McNair to step away from the organization. Houston, some argue, may struggle to bring in free agents because of the reputation McNair has created for himself.

The full segment with John and Lance's, is now available. You can also listen to the interview with Owen Daniels.


This story originally appeared on SportsMap