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Double cheeseburger with a twist is back on menu: Do you know the way to Monterrey?

Double cheeseburger with a twist: Do you know the way to Monterrey?

Whataburger Monterey Melt Meal hamburger french fries
Two beef patties, two kinds of cheese and jalapeno ranch - what's not to love? Photo courtesy of Whataburger

Introduced last summer, Whataburger's Monterey Melt earned raves for its combination of flavors. The limited-time burger brought together two patties, Monterey Jack and American cheese, grilled onions, grilled peppers (poblano and red bell) and jalapeno ranch for a taste sensation that customers craved. 

 Whataburger has answered those pleas and placed the Monterey Melt on its "All-Time Favorites" menu. 

When the promotion ended, diners turned to the chain's Corpus Christi headquarters and cried out to Whataburger for the burger to return. Whataburger has answered those pleas and placed the Monterey Melt on its "All-Time Favorites" menu, where it will have a permanent place alongside other fans faves such as the A1 Thick & Hearty Burger and the Honey Barbecue Chicken Strip Sandwich.

“The Monterey Melt has the perfect combination of melted cheese, grilled onions, grilled poblanos and red bell peppers, and our jalapeño ranch sauce giving it the bold flavor our customers crave," Whataburger vice president of marketing and innovation Rich Scheffler said in a statement. "We knew we had to find a way to put it on the menu full-time."

Get it starting at 3 p.m. today at Whataburger locations across Texas. And, yes, you can still "out Whataburger" your friends by adding jalapenos, bacon or avocado.