Another Washington Closing

Another Washington Ave. closing: Celebrity connections can't save restaurant/bar

Another Washington Ave. closing: Celeb connections can't save eatery

Katch 22, Houston, March 2014
A celebrity connection wasn't enough to draw diners to Katch 22.  Photo by John MaCaine

Add one more restaurant to the tally of 2014 Washington Avenue shutterings. Katch 22, the restaurant led by chef Kory Clemens in conjunction with Clear Lake restaurant Cullen's, has closed its doors. On Monday, the restaurant's website went offline, and both its Twitter and Facebook pages have disappeared.

In response to an inquiry from CultureMap, Cullen's provided the following statement about Katch 22's status: 

It is with a combination of sadness and optimistic expectation that we announce the closing of Clemens’ Katch 22 at 700 Durham Drive. Negotiations with our landlord have not yielded the resolution we had hoped for and, quite frankly, needed to continue operations at this location. Consequently, we have closed the doors of the restaurant and bar effective today and are beginning our search for a more serviceable location. Please be assured that ALL of our Katch 22 employees have been offered positions at Cullen’s American Grille and/or Catering by Cullen’s to ensure their financial health during this transition. We are grateful for your patronage and look forward to serving you again soon."

Kory Clemens

When it opened in 2013, Katch 22 aspired to be both a destination for watching sports and a neighborhood restaurant. Clemens, son of local sports legend Roger and a trained chef, partnered with Luke Mandola Jr. for the venture, which gave the restaurant a famous name in the kitchen and a member of one of Houston's most esteemed restaurant families running the dining room. 

In February, Mandola departed and Cullen's owner Kevin Munz stepped in. In a bid to revitalize the restaurant, Munz added the chef's name to the restaurant's, making it Clemens' Katch 22, streamlined the menu and added lounge seating to help make it more appealing as a happy hour destination. Obviously, it wasn't enough.