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Texans rookie foots the bill for $16,000 dinner, but he only orders a salad

Texans rookie foots the bill for $16,000 dinner, but only has a salad

Houston Texans K.J. Dillon
Houston Texans safety K.J Dillon is a great dinner host.   Photo courtesy of Houston Texans

Until this story appeared on TMZ, we admit we had never heard of K.J. Dillon. Now we want to have dinner with him.

In what appears to be a rookie hazing tradition, the Houston Texans safety, a fifth-round draft pick from West Virginia, was stuck with a $16,255.20 restaurant tab (not including gratuity) at an undisclosed location of Pappas Bros. Steakhouse Monday night.

The bill for Dillon and his teammates included seven orders of sea bass with lobster, two orders of broiled Atlantic salmon, two orders of 12-ounce filet mignon, two orders of steak fries, one order of crab macaroni, six Tito's vodkas, and 22 glasses of Hennessy Pardis Imperial, which totaled $7,700 for the exclusive cognac alone (or around $350 a glass).

The Houston Chronicle estimates that the bill, with tip, totals around 4 percent of his yearly salary. Dillon makes around $450,000 a year, the NFL minimum.

He said he only ordered a salad.


UPDATE 12/22: Texans cornerback Johnathan Joseph told ESPN sticking Dillon with the bill was a prank that's pulled on rookies every year. Veteran players actually paid the bill, although Dillon had tweeted a different story on his Twitter account but later deleted the tweet. The dinner is an annual event for the Texans' secondary team and includes a white elephant gift exchange, where every player has a $1,000 limit for one gift.