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Near naked waitresses and icy treats: Edgy yogurt chain speeds into Houston with its breastaurant club scene

Near naked waitresses & icy treats: Edgy yogurt chain targets Houston

CUPS Frozen Yogurt location
New Jersey-based "breastaurant" CUPS Frozen Yogurt will be opening a Houston-area location in the spring. CUPS Frozen Yogurt

Do you love adult-oriented mainstream eateries a la Hooters and Twin Peaks? Do you also love frozen yogurt? Well, New Jersey-based CUPS Frozen Yogurt might be exactly what you've been looking for all your life.

And now several CUPS are headed to Houston.

Dubbed the "Hooters of frozen yogurt," the establishment is known for icy treats, but really it's the scantily-clad female servers which set the place apart. 

The upcoming CUPS in Houston, with the first expected to open this spring in a yet to be revealed location, will be the breastaurant chain's first Texas store.

 "It’s more of a club like experience. We pump out club dance music at volumes that create a highly energetic vibe." 

As with many chains of this ilk, co-founder Rick Barbrick is playing down the "sexy server" angle in media interviews while talking about what sets the frozen yogurt brand apart from the rest.

"It’s more of a club-like experience. We pump out club dance music at volumes that create a highly energetic vibe, a lounge-type design with couches, ottomans and eclectic murals; and Cast Members with infectiously fun personalities. It’s the complete experience that gives us that edgy vibe versus an everyday yogurt bar or ice cream shop experience," Barbrick tells RestaurantNews.

Diljit and Shalini Singh, owners of A&M Desserts — the company franchising CUPS Frozen Yogurt — recently signed a franchising agreement for several Houston-area locations, as first reported by Eater. Each of the proposed locations will feature 24 flavors of yogurt, 50 varieties of toppings and three sweet sauces, allowing for endless fro yo combinations.

“We just fell in love with CUPS after visiting one in New Jersey. The concept is very different from all the other frozen yogurt shops out there,” Shalini Singh tells RestaurantNews. “We are excited to bring the first CUPS to Texas and the Houston area.”