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Farmers market favorite ice cream maker sets opening date for new Heights scoop shop

Market favorite ice cream maker sets opening date for new Heights shop

Honeychild's Sweet Creams ice cream frozen custard
Honeychild's starts scooping on Thursday. Photo by Shannon Waiter
Honeychild's Sweet Creams Kathleen Morgan
Say hi to founder Kathleen Morgan. Photo by Shannon Waiter
Honeychild's Sweet Creams interior
A look inside the new ice cream shop. Photo by Shannon Waiter
Honeychild's Sweet Creams ice cream frozen custard
Honeychild's Sweet Creams Kathleen Morgan
Honeychild's Sweet Creams interior

Houston’s next destination for frozen treats debuts this week. Honeychild’s Sweet Creams will open its location in the M-K-T development this Thursday, November 18 (600 N. Shepherd Dr. #450, next to Homestead Kitchen + Bar).

Founded by Kathleen Morgan in 2014, Honeychild’s has earned raves for Morgan’s frozen custards that utilize locally-grown and seasonal ingredients from purveyors such as Mill-King Creamery, Plant It Forward, PPF Farming Co. and Lightsey Farms. After years of selling at the Urban Harvest farmers market and making ice creams for various restaurants, Morgan is finally ready to open her first retail shop.

She chose a 1,300-square-foot space that backs onto the Heights hike and bike trail. Windows surround the kitchen, which emphasizes the extent to which Morgan wants customers to know what’s going into their food. It also realizes her goal of having a place where families will feel welcome.

“When I started this venture, I wanted a place families could come and have their kids feel safe while running around,” Morgan says. “This was that. It offers a unique experience in that way.”

Having a dedicated space will also allow Morgan to offer more flavors at one time than she has before. At opening, the menu will feature 13 frozen custards and two fruit-flavored, vegan sorbets. Choices include Honeychild signatures like mint chocolate chip and pecan praline as well as seasonal flavors like sweet potato and grapefruit crunch.

Customers will also be able to sample an all-new honey-cornmeal waffle cone or make a sandwich with freshly baked cookies. Pair a scoop with a warm beverage like hot chocolate or wassail.

“Here, I’ll be able to let people taste things and put flavors together,” she says. “Let customers do things they haven’t been able to do before [at the farmers market]. Eat ice cream the way I like to eat ice cream. I think that will be cool.”

And how does Morgan like to eat ice cream?

“When I eat ice cream at home, there’s two ways. One is totally gluttonous, give me this pint, and I’ll eat it on my couch,” she says with a laugh. “Usually, I’ll make a hot fruit or granola, put some toppings on it.”

While Honeychild will start out with scoops, Morgan plans to add items like sundaes and milkshakes that will help customers realize those goals. She acquired a soft serve machine that will be used for dairy-free flavors.

Those who want to learn a little more about sustainability or some of Morgan’s favorite political causes can consult books from a small lending library. She understands that most people just care that her custards are tasty — years of satisfied customers will attest to the deliciousness of Honeychild’s creations — but also looks forward to diving deeper with those who want to have a more in-depth conversation.

“I feel like Houston is in this moment. Our food scene is growing and people’s interest in food and sustainable food is growing,” she says. “People are getting more interested in causes. I hope this space will be a jumping off point to build those initiatives.”

Honeychild's will celebrate its grand opening on November 26 with buy one-get one free scoops from 12-3 pm. Regular hours of operation will be Tuesday - Wednesday from 11 am - 9 pm, Thursday - Friday 11 am - 10 pm, Saturday 10 am - 10 pm, and Sunday 10 am - 6 pm.