Variety Pack

Saint Arnold's new variety pack offers something for every beer drinker

Saint Arnold's variety pack offers something for every beer drinker

Saint Arnold Brewing Company variety pack
Get four different beers in every variety pack. Courtesy photo

In the sci-fi cult classic The Fifth Element, the Multi Pass serves as an all-in-one credit card, driver's license, passport, and more. Essentially, it's an invaluable piece of identification that no one would ever leave home without. 

Saint Arnold Brewing Company's new Variety Pack (or, "multi pack," to stretch the analogy) isn't quite that essential, but it will be a welcome addition at parties, tailgates, and anywhere else people with different tastes in beer are gathering. The boxes contain three cans each of  some of the CultureMap Tastemaker Awards Brewery of the Year winner's most popular options — 5 O’Clock Pils, Art Car IPA, Lawnmower and Santo — giving them a something for everyone appeal. 

"Customers have been asking for it for a long, long, time, but logistically it’s tough to pull off. It actually required the purchase of some new equipment," Saint Arnold marketing and events director Lennie Ambrose tells CultureMap. "I think it (will) appeal to people that are already fans of our beers but certainly people that maybe have tried Lawnmower and Art Car IPA but haven’t had 5 O’Clock before. I think it’s a perfect way to try a favorite and get a sample of something that might become one."

As depicted in a video Ambrose posted to Facebook, assembling the variety packs is a team effort. The different cans have to be loaded onto the packaging line separately before being boxed. 

Retailers ultimately have the final say on pricing, but Ambrose anticipates it will be consistent with the company's bottled 12-packs at around $14. Look for it in cold boxes at Kroger stores as soon as this week, and H-E-B will follow its lead later in the fall. Of course, it will be available at Spec's and all the other places people expect to find Saint Arnold.