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New Midtown bar blends craft beer, music, food, art — and light rail

New Midtown bar blends craft beer, music, food, art — and light rail

The new Midtown bar, Worhals, pays homage to Andy Warhol. Courtesy of photo by Margaret Weymer

When Margaret Weymer and Bob Tatum decided to open a bar, they looked to iconic pop artist Andy Warhol for inspiration. "We love pop art and he was famous for — well, he liked to go out and have a drink—he was a partier," Tatum said." So we thought it was a good start and honestly, we couldn’t have thought of a better one." 

Worhals, a new hangout located at 2016 Main Street in the former Mainstage location, marks the duo's first hospitality collaboration. Their inspiration for this Andy Warhol-ish tribute bar also includes a love for Texas craft beer, music, art — and proximity to the light rail line.  

"The light rail was a big spark for us," Weymer said. "We had been looking for a location for a long time. When this came up for sale. It was just perfect."

Tatum envisions the Midtown/downtown crowd taking the light rail to the bar. "You know, stay off the roads, less DUI’s. We’re going to have bicycle tubes and repair kits, I know how to repair bikes. We want people to leave here in a safe way," he said.

Worhals is set to open Thursday, with more than 150 craft beer selections. "We will have all the local beers you can think of (as well as) Texas-made beers, regional beers and so on," Tatum added, listing KarbachSaint Arnold'sSouthern Star, Fort Bend and Buffalo Bayou among the selections.

The menu will include burgers, steaks and wings, along with healthier items, like wraps, salads, paninis, grilled fish and chicken. And the owners plan to showcase local art and music. 

"It’s going to be different every night," Tatum said. "We’ll have jazz on Tuesdays, a type of “Texas Music Thursdays” starting with a happy hour, and we’re thinking about doing a rock jam on Sunday nights."
Warhol fans will notice the difference in spelling; Tatum and Weymer say the change was made for legal reasons. "The 'A' and 'O' are switched and the 'S' is obviously different. We actually talked to an attorney, because we wanted to name it after Andy Warhol. You know, art and crafty beer, arts and crafts on the wall — its all art.”