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Is a historic yet crumbling house the next Midtown hotspot?

Is a historic yet crumbling house the next Midtown hotspot?

A decrepit 108-year-old home at Bagby and Rosalie hardly appears ready to be the site of a trendy new Midtown bar. But it's on someone's radar, as Swamplot reports that a reader of the real estate blog sent in a picture and a secured TABC license for the property, called "Sterling House."

The four-bedroom, three-bath house at 3015 Bagby, which the Harris County Appraisal District has valued at just over $300,000, sits in the middle of a predominately residential neighborhood, with other longstanding homes and apartments, but just a block or two away from hot spots like Dogwood Bar and Midtown Drinkery.  

With chipped blue and white paint, an uneven foundation, wires hanging every which way and an abandoned sink lying in the grass, it will take a lot of work to get the property ready for Midtown revelers. It is unclear at this time if owners renovate the home or demolish it, Swamplot says. But wouldn't it be nice in a city where just about everything old is torn down, that a building is saved for a change?

The Sterling House bar in Midtown pre-renovation August 2013
The 108-year-old home on Bagby may be a new Midtown bar. Photo by Desiree Alvarez