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Anvil owner reveals plans to take over iconic Montrose nightclub space

Anvil owner reveals plans to take over iconic Montrose nightclub space

Etro lounge sign
Etro Lounge is closing soon. Etro Lounge/Facebook

Etro Lounge may be relocating to downtown, but the space won't stay empty for long. The popular Montrose nightclub will soon become a new concept from Anvil owner Bobby Heugel. 

In a lengthy post on Facebook published Thursday, June 28, Heugel announced he had leased the space and shared some of the history he's had with Etro and its owner Antonio Villalobos, which have shared the building at 1424 Westheimer Rd. since before Anvil opened.

"From the very beginning our neighbors at Etro were supportive and true hospitality pros," Heugel writes. "They even allowed us to use their bathrooms (they literally gave us keys to their bar and an alarm code) while we were building Anvil ourselves and worked with us throughout the years in ways that only two bars who split the same building can understand."

With Etro's lease up, the building's landlord approached Heugel about taking over the space. "We decided to accept both to protect our interests at Anvil and because this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up," he writes. "Following our landlord’s decision and our recent lease extension, it was the right choice for me as a business owner and someone that cares tremendously about protecting the livelihoods of all of the staff that depend on me at Anvil."

While Heugel adds that he hasn't decided on a new concept for the space, one thing is clear. Anvil will not expand into the additional space. "I love that bar just the way it is, and whatever we do will be done to make sure that Anvil’s identity and consistency is not disrupted in any manner," he writes.

Etro will close at its current location on July 28 and reopen at 114 Main St. — as part of real estate developer Dan Zimmerman's Main&Co project — on August 4. In his conclusion, Heugel encourages people to visit Etro at least one more time before it relocates. 

"That bar is reflective of the good people that own and work at it, and we wouldn’t be where we are today at Anvil without them," Heugel wrties. "There will always be a little bit of Etro in Anvil."