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What's Eric Eating Episode 150

Sneak peek of Montrose's most exciting new restaurant, plus a trip to the Pacific

Montrose's most exciting new restaurant, plus a trip to the Pacific

Aaron Bludorn
Chef Aaron Bludorn is the week's guest. aaronbludorn.com

On this week's episode of "What's Eric Eating," chef Aaron Bludorn joins CultureMap food editor Eric Sandler to discuss Bludorn, his eagerly anticipated Montrose restaurant. The chef begins by explaining how he began cooking professionally as well as sharing some of his experiences from his six years as the executive chef of New York's Michelin-starred Café Boulud.

With the restaurant on track to open in August, Bludorn offers a sneak peek of what diners can expect from his menu. It will be grounded in Gulf Coast ingredients, especially seafood, with an extensive raw bar and a fresh pasta program. Most importantly, it will be more American than the food he served at Café Boulud.

"I didn't want to come down to Texas and cook the food I was cooking in New York," Bludorn says. "That didn't appeal to me that much. I have to realize where I am and give credit to what's around here but give it my own take. To me, it's about the ingredients and chasing after what the Gulf has to offer, what farms have to bring." 

The interview covers a wide range of other topics, including a charming anecdote about when Bludorn first understood how successful the Pappas family is (Bludorn married Victoria Pappas Bludorn in 2018). He also discusses his experiences filming Netflix cooking competition show The Final Table.

Prior to the interview, Sandler and co-host Matt Harris discuss the news of the week. Their topics include: the latest COVID-related restaurant closures and reopenings, Pappas Restaurants shuttering five Houston restaurants, and chef Jonny Rhodes' plans to wind down Indigo in favor of his grocery store, Broham Fine Soul Food. 

In the restaurants of the week segment, they discuss visits to two Heights concepts: Filipino restaurant Be More Pacific and newly opened coffee shop Tenfold Coffee. 


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