New Plans for Restaurant Space

Longtime restaurant pub plans expansion after Creperie deal for coveted Montrose space scuttled

Pub plans expansion after deal for coveted Montrose space scuttled

Eatsie Boys Melange Creperie
The deal that was supposed to bring Melange Creperie to Montrose has fallen through. Photo by Eric Sandler

Less than two months ago, when the Eatsie Boys announced Melange Creperie would be taking over their cafe space on Montrose, it seemed like a win-win, because the deal both gave the popular crepe cart the space in Montrose that owner "Buffalo" Sean Carroll wanted and allowed the Eatsies to focus on their rapidly expanding 8th Wonder Brewery and successful catering business. Despite being presented at the time as a done deal, now it is apparent that wasn't the case.

In an email sent Friday evening to backers of his successful Kickstarter campaign, Carroll revealed that he will not be opening in the Eatsie Boys cafe. Carroll writes as follows:

We acted in good faith and did everything we could to make it happen, but circumstances beyond our control made the move impossible. We felt it was important to keep you guys in the loop and are doing our best to find the right space. We have good prospects in Montrose and Midtown and as soon as we have a lease signed, we will let you all know.

We so appreciate all the support and are looking forward to serving you crepes from our restaurant as soon as humanly possible. Feel free to give us a call or reach out with any questions.

Carroll politely declined CultureMap's request to elaborate on the circumstances that led to this decision, and the Eatsie Boys have yet to respond to a request for comment.  

While this leaves Carroll without a permanent home, Melange fans need not worry. The crepe stand maintains its familiar presence at both the Urban Harvest farmers markets on Wednesday at City Hall and Saturday on Eastside. Melange also recently concluded its months-long negotiations to open in the H-E-B Montrose Market at Dunlavy and West Alabama and will begin serving July 1, according to a report in the Chronicle. 

As for the former Eatsie Boys space, it won't stay vacant for long. An employee at the neighboring Black Labrador Pub confirms it will expand into the space, although she was unable to provide an exact timeline. 

CultureMap will update this article if Carroll or the Eatsie Boys decide to elaborate on this fluid situation.