adieu, brisket bar-bq

Longtime Bellaire BBQ joint announces end to its 40-year run

Longtime Bellaire BBQ joint announces end to its 40-year run

Brisket Bar BQ exterior
Brisket Bar-BQ is closing its doors. Courtesy of Brisket Bar-BQ

A Bellaire restaurant will end its almost 40-year run this weekend. Brisket Bar-BQ will close after service on Sunday, June 5. 

Owner Sion Saghian cites a number of reasons for his decision. First is a desire to travel and spend more time with family. Supply chain issues and other economic factors also played a role, according to a release.

An announcement about Brisket Bar-BQ's future has been expected. In April, Lankford Grocery owner Paul Prior announced that he had leased the space for a second location of the historic burger joint. Simply called Lankford's, it is expected to open this fall. 

While Brisket Bar-BQ is closing, some aspects of the restaurant will live on. Saghian's son Michael will add some of Brisket Bar-BQ's most popular dishes to the menu at his own Bellaire restaurant, New York Eatery. In addition, Houston Catering Concepts, also owned by Michael Saghian, will continue to offer its Brisket Bar-BQ menu for private events. Some staff members from Brisket Bar-BQ will be offered positions at Houston Catering Concepts. 

“I want to thank our customers and all the people we have hosted over the years,” Sion Saghian said in a statement. “I love cooking and am still in the kitchen at home, while I look forward to helping Michael at New York Eatery and New York Deli & Coffee Shop. My life has been my work, and I have no regrets. Above all else, I am grateful.”

Saghian, who holds a master's degree in chemical engineering, opened Brisket Bar-BQ in 1983. Over time, it became known for dishes such as loaded baked potatoes and burgers. In 1994, he opened the Bellaire Banquet Center, an event space capable of hosting up to 300 people.