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Searching for Bobby Heugel: Anvil stars race around town in Reverse Pub Crawl cocktail fight

Searching for Bobby Heugel: Anvil stars race around town in Reverse Pub Crawl cocktail fight

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Bobby Heugel Photo by Katharine Shilcutt/Flickr

Whether you love the cocktails at Anvil, do anything to support a good cause or just want an excuse to drink, you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for Bobby Heugel and Peter Jahnke around town Wednesday.

Heugel and Jahnke are competing for charity and for glory as they spend 14 hours racing around town Wednesday. Dubbed the "Reverse Pub Crawl," instead of having drinkers move from bar to bar, the bartenders will be showing up at dozens of bars and restaurants around town, offering their signature craft cocktails to patrons for $20 each. The racing mixologists must stay at a bar until they find at least one willing buyer, and points are accrued by serving at as many locations as possible.

As Heugel describes it on his blog:

The inspiration for this lunacy started on a day in which I made cocktails in three different Houston bars. In what was likely a fit of sleep-deprived insanity, I began to wonder how many Houston bars it would be possible to make a cocktail in within 24 hours. I was mulling these thoughts over with fellow Anvil bartender, Peter Jahnke, the most sarcastic and competitive asshole I’ve ever met. In classic Jahnke fashion, Peter started talking a bunch of bartender smack about how he was sure he could get to more bars than I. You have to understand that usually Peter’s drunken rhetoric claims of cocktail supremacy revolves around tiki recipes, of which I am more than happy to yield to his Tahitian knowledge, but there was no way in Jose Cuervo Serving Hell that I was going to forfeit to these over-ambitious claims. Thus, the Reverse Pub Crawl Competition was born."

All funds raised by the reverse pub crawl will go towards a non-profit Heugel is starting, which will encourage bartenders to take a day off (and participate in events like this) in the hopes of raising money for clean water initiatives like charity: water.

You can find Bobby and Peter around town by following their Twitter accounts — if they walk into an empty bar or find no takers, they'll be asking to be rescued by their fans.

We hear they are starting this morning at Canopy at 11 a.m., and are including Poison Girl, The Usual, Antidote, Ninfa's on Navigation, Kata Robata, Hugo's, Queen Vic, Reef, Beavers, Feast, Grand Prize Bar and many, many more on their all-day quest for drink-making supremacy, which will end at 1:45 a.m. at Anvil, where the ultimate Reverse Pub Crawl Competition winner will be crowned.