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Eclectic Houston restaurant brings fusion fare and beachy vibe to Montrose

Eclectic Houston restaurant brings fusion and beachy vibe to Montrose

Fusion Eats tacos
Fusion Eats will serve tacos, cocktails, and more. Photo by Kirsten Gilliam
Fusion Eats Greenway patio
The patio will have a more "beachy" vibe than Greenway Plaza. Photo by Kirsten Gilliam
Fusion Eats steak salad
Expect an expanded selection of salads. Photo by Kirsten Gilliam
Fusion Eats tacos
Fusion Eats Greenway patio
Fusion Eats steak salad

A Houston restaurant known for its eclectic menu has picked Montrose for its third location. Fusion Eats will open this summer in former Gratifi space at the corner of Fairview and Taft, owner Julia Sharaby tells CultureMap.

The new restaurant will join Fusion Taco, which opened in The Heights in 2017, and Fusion Eats, which opened in Greenway Plaza in 2018. As their names imply, both restaurants serve a menu that mixes globally influenced dishes like chicken tikka masala tacos with traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex-influenced options. Fusion Eats added an expanded menu of non-taco options along with breakfast service.

Sharaby says she’s had her eyes on the location since the end of 2019, but only recently received final approvals to begin construction. She has extensive renovations planned for the two story space, including outdoor seating on both levels.

“The vibe is going to be real cool,” Sharaby says. “I’m going for a Hamptons-style look, super beachy, laid back. I want it to feel like when you show up you’re on vacation.”

Bars will be located both downstairs and upstairs. Plans call for making the upstairs a more dedicated drinking option for those who just want a cocktail or two instead of a full meal. 

“When I open a restaurant, I want to build something to where if I was looking for something to eat it’s somewhere I’d want to go,” Sharaby says. “If you work there 80 hours a week, you want to feel good when you’re there.”

Sharaby and Grossman have been working on the menu. It will be similar to the Fusion Eats location in Greenway Plaza (currently closed but reopening soon), with a full selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options along with cocktails, beer, and wine. 

Tacos and quesadillas remain at the heart of the offerings, but diners will find more salads, rice bowls, and other options that don’t come wrapped in a tortilla). Some of the possibilities they're considering include an expanded selection of appetizers, adding composed plates, and more seasonal specials. Brunch, complete with a DJ, will be served Saturday and Sunday.

“I think it’s a good concept. It’s just good, clean food,” Sharaby says. “I want to try and have something for everybody.”

Fusion Eats will join an active corner with four Montrose staples: Mexican bistro Cuchara, Sichuan restaurant Pepper Twins, patio bar Boheme, and comfort food favorite Max’s Wine Dive. Sharaby says she’s excited to be in such close proximity to places she’s patronized for years.

“I’ve always said the more restaurants the better, people bring people,” she adds. “Maybe they don’t come to you the first time, but they’ll come to you the next time they’re in the area."