UberEATS Expands

It's not just for lunch: Uber app expands food delivery hours and locations

It's not just for lunch: Uber app expands food delivery hours, locales

UberEATS Houston announcement Sarah Groen, Ryan Pera
Get Ryan Pera's food via UberEATS. Photo by Raj Banik

After just a few months of operations, UberEATS has dramatically expanded its service. Beginning Tuesday, the company launched a standalone UberEATS app with more choices and a wider delivery area. 

"Through Uber Eats, I’m able to connect with new customers using technology,” Coltivare/Revival Market chef Ryan Pera said in a statement. “Our food has further reach, and we’re able to provide a quality product in a convenient, affordable way."

Until now, UberEATS had only been available with a revolving mix of items from a few restaurants Monday through Friday during lunch hours (11 am to 2 pm). While that "Instant Delivery" service remains, the company now offers food from over 100 restaurants seven days a week from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. The delivery area has been expanded, too; West U, The Galleria, and The Heights are all included.

What's available depends on the diner's location; i.e., different restaurants are available to people in The Galleria than to those in Montrose. Prices may be slightly higher than dining in at the restaurant; for example, 1/2 lb order of beef fajitas at El Tiempo is $27.79 on the restaurant's website versus $29.18 via the app. For now, no additional delivery charge applies. After a few weeks, the delivery fee will be $3.99.

Instant Delivery will still be done curbside, but other orders are delivered door to door. If nothing else, the service provides an alternative to the same old food delivery options at reasonable prices. Or just use it to be the office hero and summon a batch of Crave Cupcakes to chase away the afternoon doldrums.